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Gain Confidence with IMPACT

What to make an IMPACT?

Powerful communication commands IMPACT!  Even If you are not into Public Speaking you need Clarity, confidence, and captivating communication are the most important skills that empower our understanding and connection with teams, customers, and organizations.

Success is built on solid relationships achieved through confident communication. Thrive with win/win techniques in communication that breed respect and trust. Resolve differences and foster creative and innovative environments. Discover how to implement active and attentive listening. Master the art of “The One Conversation” leading to transparency, focus, empathy, and open mindedness.

Stand out with spontaneous communication that is solution based to build your organization, bottom-line, and peace of mind.  IMPACT through Powerful Communication will ignite your inner strength to stand out and succeed!

Benefits: IMPACT: Communications

  • Reduce turnover
  • Learn Listening Skills
  • Understand Emotional Intelligence
  • Develop Clarity and Intention
  • Increase retention with employees
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Continuity
  • Learn Types of Communications
  • Habitual Patterns/Focus

“Who but U”  can make an IMPACT in your life, career, business, your community and the world.. Using an IMPACT formula you will develop a powerful presence, charisma, your authentic “Wow-Self” and leadership qualities.  In this amazing class, you will get all of the tools and techniques you need to keep you tuned up to deliver your powerful message like ONLY YOU CAN. We will have conversations and strategies to ignite your presence, income and mindset. You will Stand Out, Captivate and Connect with your ideal clients. After all, isn’t that the point?



 I   Intention
P  Presence
A  Awareness
C  Communication
T  Take action

IMPACT SPEAKING:  Do you want to have a Powerful Presence, Verbal and Non Verbal presence, Command your audience with Connection and Compassion?   Get your Message out there.    Whether it is you or your team.   I can help with all of this!!

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You are your instrument.

Life & business is a performance. Excel with excellence!
Linda’s enthusiastic energy is contagious. She will educate, elevate and inspire you into action for a better life and business. With compassion and a big heart she will challenge and guide you to explore, reveal and heal the blind spots that keep you from truly showing up in the world. She transforms her audience into true performers, not just for the big stage but for life.  She is fun and supportive as she takes you gently just outside of your comfort zone to experience a true breakthrough in the way you do anything. She has mastered the art of expression and how to maximize the use of your brain, your voice, body, mind and emotions. She covers all the bases. Her humor, joy and kind free-spirit can bring you new insights, energy, empowerment and focus. All while feeling safe and not judged.
Jane M. Powers

Speaking Coach - Author - Sales Coach,

If you are looking to bolster your confidence, discover your life passions or simply learn better ways to communicate with family and friends, then look no further! Linda Burden-Williams IS your answer. She’s vibrant, insightful, knowledgeable, intuitive and determined to help you succeed! Make the decision today and reach out to her! I am glad that I did!
Virginia Wright-Johnson

Social Media Professional. Life Enhancer. Victory Hunter. Growth Hacker., Social Media Scion

If you’re looking to turn down the light in a room, Linda Burden Williams is not the person you want to engage.  However, if you want a head-nodding, smile starting, light bearing individual to motivate a room, then you most definitely want to work with Linda. Articulate, educated, and bathed in helping people reach beyond their norms, Linda rightfully owns center stage. She is luminescent!
Val Stilwell

MSCS, CSO, Growth Collaborative

Linda Burden Williams is an innovative, personable speaker. In each of her talks that I attended, she impressed me with her enthusiasm so much, that I asked her to be our luncheon speaker at a Lion’s Women’s Symposium this past April. I knew it had to be a special person that would capture the audience’s attention during the lunch hour. I must say, I chose wisely. She was great! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an imaginative creative speaker. Feel free to call or email me with any questions.
Karen Norton

541-543-5791 [email protected], Eugene Downtown Lions

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