Pro Star Professional Acting Program was developed after 30 years in the Film and TV Business.  Experience of Acting on Prime Time Television Shows and Award Winning Films.  Training for 20 years in LA and New York. Putting together in comprehensive and methodical way for the training needed to move into the professional market while still allowing each individual their unique essence.

Linda Burden-Williams has her students working in the industry all over the world.  India, England and of course Eugene, LA, Portland and Seattle

Other credits are casting Feature Films, Shorts, and commercials. Producing features and shorts.  Teaching for 15 years in LA, Portland, Eugene and Seattle.  She is also a Screen writer with a Web Series being shot in the Eugene area.  Her Improve with Improv is helping entrepenuers, start-ups as well as business owners stepping into their power and profits while taking bigger risks.   Everyone needs an online presence and this is her expertise in developing your voice, your message, your presence. (go to the Business page & Improve with Improv)

Why this is different from what IN FOCUS has brought you before?  Here are some of the distinctions.

* Mind Sets

+3 Month Commitment

* Payment due first class of the month or 5.00 fee (unless pre arranged)

+Taking acting seriously as a career choice or business choice

+ Variety of Ages

+Responsibility to complete all assignments

+The program grows as you grow and commit more

+Marketing and Promotion opportunities

+Updated information from the business

+Social Media Coverage

+Monthly Spotlight Actors

Pro*Star Adults  and Kids, Teens for $120.00 a month
Thursday 6:30 – 8:30  On-Going


If there is a money challenge in your life right now please contact me as we may be able to work it out.

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