Are you looking for an acting class for kids, an adult acting class, to be a professional speaker or do better on zoom or in presentations?  I can help you with any of those and it will help you change your  life.  Would you like to make more Impact with your communications.

Who do you want to be in this life?  Are there things that are stopping you?  What if you don’t know what those things are?  That is all I have ever done in my life is explore expression to live a fuller, more preductive life.

I welcome you to explore and experience who you are in your life, your career and your expression.

#whobutu I am committed to you being Director of  your own life.

Impact Your Life Now

Public Speaking, Acting classes and Impact Communications and Expressions will change who you are, how you do things and give you the confidence to move forward.

#whobutu Can Impact your life?  Impact your business?   Impact your community?  Impact the world? 

How would it feel to enter a room with a clear and exciting intention?   Whether it be an audition an interview, public speaking or presentation.  To love who you are and why you do what you do?  You and only you can become that!!!!  That is what grows out exponentially to the world.

Understanding and being the Director of your own Life. That is when your speaking in a commanding, interesting voice within a body that is relaxed yet energized, emoting your passion that is congruent with your message, product, service or audition. Unstoppable!

The ProStar Professional Programs

The ProStar Performance Programs for public speaking, presentation skills and acting were developed from Linda’s 30 years in the Film, TV, entertainment and performance business. With With experience in acting on Prime Time Television Shows and Award Winning Films and training for 20 years in LA and New York, Linda has put together a comprehensive and methodical way for the training needed to move into the professional market while still allowing each individual their unique essence. Whether you are an actor, speaker, performer, presenter, start-up, business owner, CEO or interviewing for a job. ProStar Programs can earn you your gold stars! Being the writer, director, producer and Star in your own Life. All aspects. Live inspired, in confidence, abundance and power.

Investing in Yourself

It is time to invest in our selves, our children, our community locally and globally. It comes from inside, not outside. You are your instrument to create a life you love and others can benefit from your commitment to living the best life you can. Developing a true character and your life comes from our unique true self and the understanding of that.
– Linda Burden-Williams

Nyah began her journey with In Focus Camera Acting and Production in Fall 2015 at the age of 11. Our daughter’s prior experience was anchored in musical theatre, so we sought Linda to teach Nyah about acting in front of a camera. What an education — acting on stage versus TV/film is totally different! In just a few short months, Nyah gained the confidence to stand with a TV camera just  inches from her, singing the National Anthem in front of 11, 000+ Oregon Duck fans.

By February 2016, Nyah worked in her first video, thanks to Linda recommending her to the casting director. Linda also advised us about reputable talent agencies in Oregon. In that same week that Nyah filmed the video, she signed a contract with one of the agencies Linda recommended. Although it’s been less than a year since we met Linda, Nyah has been part of a national print ad campaign, as well as an international print/commercial ad.

Linda provides a lovingly creative environment for actors of all ages to grow in their craft. Because at the end of the day, if it’s not fun, what’s the point?! Nyah has a great time, and Linda gets results!

Nyah Vollmar

Acting Student, ProStar Acting & In Focus Acting

You can create whatever you want in life!

Life is your Art ~ Art is your Life

– Linda Burden Williams

{Actress, coach, casting director, author, screen writer, producer}

You can create whatever you want in life!

Life is your Art ~ Art is your Life.

Linda Burden Williams

actress, coach, casting director, author, screen writer, producer

A little about Linda

Linda Burden-Williams is an expert in her field of acting, speaking and performance. As a Casting, Director Producer, Writer, Keynote Speaker, and performance coach she has developed a key intuition for blocks, blind spots and other areas that may be stopping your from moving forward into a life you love. Casting yourself in the most important role of your life. YOU! Her expertise and training extends over 30 years, from New York to the Los Angeles.

Linda has lived a life of exploration and creativity. Starting with playing bass in a rock band right out of High School into the College of Rock n Roll. What an education!

After 10 years of music performance she moved into acting. That is where she found a full expression of the 4 Pillars of a powerful instrument. YOU! Your voice, body, mind and emotions gives you continuity to become who you were meant to be. It totally changed her life. She fell in love with “the safe place to explore who you truly are” in Acting Studios in Seattle, LA and New York. Some of her Acting Credits are Prime Time TV such as ER, The West Wing, Hallmark Movies and Independent movies.

She has been deeply involved in understanding the new Models for the Business World. Linda is currently using her 40 years of expertise in helping Businesses, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and Independents develop a Powerful Authentic Presence with Open Communication Skills, Team Building and Expanded opportunities. Exploring the Blocks and Patterns that keep business and individuals stuck and not using their full Potential.

Her mission is to create a safe place for you to explore, develop and grow into the best you in whatever you choose to pursue so you can be Unstoppable!!!!

Acting Credits

  • ER
  • CLASS OF 1999
  • (many more)
The Divine an award winning film. Linda’s performance dedicated to the passing of her mother only a month earlier to cancer.

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